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Meet RJ! He is a playful, fun-loving, and train-obsessed little boy that attends Easterseals Developmental preschool and receives speech, physical, and occupational therapy through Outpatient Therapy Services. He is developmentally delayed and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at age 4. Through the services that RJ has received from Easterseals, he has made great strides and has reached numerous goals. As a testament to the benefit of his therapy, RJ recently tested out of physical therapy meaning that with the help of his amazing therapist he has caught up with his peers! The services that RJ has received from Easterseals have been vital to helping RJ navigate and conquer obstacles that ASD has presented in his life, and more importantly, improving his quality of life.

Walk With Me is a 5k Run and Family Fun Walk that raises money for Easterseals Arkansas! Easterseals helps thousands of individuals with disabilities and their families each year to by providing exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities and special needs have equal opportunities to live, learn, work, and play in their communities!

Walk With Me will be held on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at Easterseals on Woodland Heights / Pleasant Ridge (South Entrance). You can join as a 5k Runner, 2k Walker, Virtual Walker, and/or make a donation!

Please consider donating to All Aboard for RJ to ensure that RJ and others that need these amazing services keep chug, chug, chugging along to reach their full potential.

Thanks for your support! - All Aboard for RJ

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