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Walk With Me is a 5K Run and Family Fun Walk that raises money for Easterseals Arkansas. Easterseals helps thousands of individuals with disabilities and their families each year to by providing exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities and special needs have equal opportunities to live, learn, work, and play in their communities!

Meet Grady! Subaru's representative from Easterseals Academy at Riverdale.

Grady was born in TX, November 2010 as an unexpected, highly anticipated addition to a 10+ year established family. He is the youngest of 3, with a 19yr old brother and an 18 year old sister. After a complicated delivery, he spent 1 week in the the NICU and was released with no issues. After a routine 6 month checkup, his family noticed issues that had not previously been observed. Spastic movements (later diagnosed as Infantile Spasms) would occur randomly and raised serious concern. An EEG, MRI and a conversation with a neurologist confirmed a stroke at his Right Occipital Lobe had occurred around birth and Grady was diagnosed Cerebral Palsy Left Hemiplegia which causes weakness and delayed motor movement to the whole left side of his body.
Please make no mistake, anything Grady lacks, he makes up for in personality! Since his diagnosis in 2011, with seizures eliminated for the time being, Grady began vigorous in home Physical and Occupational Therapy. This continued until he began school at the age of 3 in a public school program designed for special needs students. He still continued his therapies outside of school.

After moving to NW Arkansas in 2014, Grady began working with an early intervention program which provided for some of his therapeutic needs up until he became public school eligible. In the fall of 2016, Grady became a kindergartener! This was an exciting time for him. He was placed in a "regular" classroom setting and pulled out as needed for PT and OT. This would cover his need during school hours but other therapy groups were needed in order to cover school breaks. Through public school, there is minimal interaction between parent and therapist which makes it hard for parents/caregivers to understand weekly progress or needs.

By 2nd grade, after a scary summer of an unexpected seizure and daily medication, the differences in Grady and his fellow classmates really became an issue. His motor delay put him constantly at the back of the line, slowing down the daily routine of the classroom and restricted him from connecting socially with his peers. He would "miss" activities because there just wasn't enough "time" to get him back and forth. In the middle of 2nd, the decision was made to keep him primarily in the Special Education classroom with occasional pull outs to his homeroom.
We as his family could see the evolution of Grady's educational future becoming clear. We wanted more for him. A place where he could create bonds with peers that understood his plight, where he could shine daily and not just as an occasional "special" novelty, where therapies, education and family/teacher interaction were in abundance. Somewhere that would eliminate the need for outside resources and be all inclusive. A place where disability is not defined by anything more than that of a school uniform, meaning a requirement but not a reflection on the potential and personality of the child. A school where patience and understanding is as common as pencils and paper. We wanted a place for him as an individual!

Thank you, Easterseals and the Academy at Riverdale! You answered the call. Grady came to the school in Little Rock in Spring of this year for his observance day to make sure we were all a good fit for each other. They evaluated and placed him in a classroom specific to his individual needs and education level with peers irregardless of age or disability who are also right there with him. He was accepted into the school. Grady has already attended the schools summer program and made peer connections that will be the same during the school year. He will begin school in August as a new student, but is already receiving therapy through the school with no outside sources needed until after graduation!

To say this is a blessing is an understatement and we already can't say enough good things about this entire program! From administration level all the way down, the compassion, personal understanding and overall excitement is abundant and contagious! We are excited for all that is to come!

Grady is 8 years old, loves music, animatronics, friends and making others laugh! Grady has found his place!

Subaru of Little Rock is proud to be the Ultra Presenting sponsor of Walk With Me which is on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Easterseals Outpatient Building parking lot. You can join as a 5K Runner, Family Fun Walker, Virtual Walker, and/or make a donation! Every dollar raised stays right here in Arkansas to help Easterseals serve our community! Thanks for your support! - Subaru of Little Rock


Grady was able to be on the intercom!

Grady makes every picture fun :)

Grady visited Subaru today!


Learning about Hawaii at The Academy summer program

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